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Breeding Program

What it all boils down to…

Treasure Keeper Labradors is a small hobby breeder located in central Pennsylvania. I raise, breed, train, and show our beautiful English Labrador Retrievers and occasionally have puppies to place. I strive with every breeding to improve our dogs and our lines, making a positive contribution to improving the Labrador retriever breed as a whole. While proper conformation that adheres to the AKC breed standards for Labrador Retrievers is at the forefront of every reputable breeding program including our own, we have not lost site that the puppies we produce have to have a level temperament and trainable attitude to be welcomed companions in your home and family.

The path and decision to raise, breed, and show our Labradors did not come easily for me, a lot of thought and consideration went into this decision. I knew that our hearts, our minds, and odd as it may sound, our money, needed to be in the right place, making the best decisions, and always, always, always putting the welfare of our dogs first.

Treasure Keeper, really sums up how I feel about our dogs and our choice. All of our dogs are a treasure, whether I am breeding them or not. Still, our Labradors that I have chosen to show/breed, as hard as it is to say, are owed a little bit more. Please know that all of our dogs are house broken and each is an important member of our family, which is how I can attest to the temperaments and personalities of a puppies parents; for outside breedings the owner of the stud dog will be available to answer any questions as well.

All our puppies are sold with an AKC limited registration, with a spay/neuter contract, a written health guarantee, and a lifetime PetKey microchip registered to you, paid for, and activated before you take them home. All of this is included in the price of your puppy and is not an extra expense.

If you have an interest in a particular sex or color puppy, please contact me, I would like to get to know you. I sincerely want to get to know everyone that I place a puppy with; my puppies are very, very special to me and by placing a puppy with you, you become an extension of the family. I follow the progress of every puppy I place and am always available to consult on any issues or decisions that need to be made in regards to your TKL puppy.