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Foundations and Principles

TKL was founded and built on health clearanced English Labrador retrievers. The initial concept behind TKL was developed while researching issues that a Labrador we already owned had developed. Read more about Harley Jack here (posts are in reverse chronological order, scroll to bottom to start at the beginning). Harley-Jack led me to establish certain non-negotiables when it came to starting a line of Labrador retrievers that would both establish and carry forward a TKL line, a line that would forever be associated with my name no matter how long I bred Labradors.

Improvement,Improvement, Improvement.

A responsible breeder breeds to improve their breed…what does this mean?  To paraphrase AKC’s description, breeding to improve means you are able to objectively look at your dogs and evaluate strengths and weaknesses because they all have both, there is no perfect in dogs any more than there are perfect people. The goal is always to produce a better dog (than the parents are) and quality pet. Showing dogs competitively is how you gauge the job you are doing as a breeder and see how your dogs measure up against against the best specimens of the breed.

What I can tell you for sure:

No breedings ever happen at TKL without all clearances being completed.

What this means to you:

I have done everything within my power to breed a healthy Labrador retriever puppy for you. While I cannot promise your puppy will never be sick and we are years if not longer away from being able to test for many things that we wish we could, I can promise that if it’s possible for me to test for it and it’s a genetic disease or disorder that affects our Labrador breed, I have, and in turn eliminated your puppy from falling victim to it.

The bottom line:

Genetic health testing is vitally important to the betterment of our breed as well as the future of our breed. Genetic health testing directly relates to how many happy and healthy years you spend with your puppy (and I want it to be many years). There is no profit to be made in correctly and responsibly breeding any animal, there is no paycheck for all of the hours put in, and none of the testing is free. Please keep in mind, all of this goes into calculating a fair price for our puppies.